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Welcome to the "Let’s Talk About" blog page. Below you will find links to full blog posts written by parents and other experts in the field of family communication about sex.

5 Tips For Talking To Your LGBTQ Child About Sexual Health

The issue of how to talk to our kids about sex can be a complicated one for everyone, for parents of queer youth, doing so can raise some additional issues. So, here are 5 things parents of LGBT teens can keep in mind when gearing up for the sex talk.

The Healthy Sex Talk: Teaching Kids Consent, Ages 1-21

We believe parents can start educating children about consent and empowerment as early as 1 year old and continuing into the college years. It is our sincere hope that this education can help us raise empowered young adults who have empathy for others and a clear understanding of healthy consent.

Why You Should Talk About Sex With Your Kids Every. Single. Day.

These days, most parents understand that covertly placing a children’s book about reproduction on the end of the bed does not count as sex education, but we’re often confused about what is the right age to have The Talk with kids.

How To Talk To Young Kids About Gender

For a long time, my frame of reference for kid-appropriate discussions of gender has been the simple penis=boy/vulva=girl model from my own childhood. But I’ve been adamant about not wanting to teach that to my son.

8 Sex Positive Things You Can Say To Your Kids That Have Nothing To Do With Sex

As a parent, I am already doing my best to encourage sex positive attitudes in my children, even if they are too young to know what sex is.

Start talking... NOW!

Let’s face it: regardless of whether or not we are teaching our kids about sex, they are learning about sex. And what they are learning – from the media, friends, and the Internet – may not be accurate, nor reflect the values we have and want to impart to our children.

What to Do if THEY'RE Uncomfortable

I’ve seen videos of kids covering their ears or running away.  Some of you have told me similar stories – that your child refuses to listen or flat out tells you not to talk to them about sex. So what do you do when they are more uncomfortable than you are?

How to Make a Sex Talk Super Simple and Effective

It’s really easy! Just use my magic formula: Facts + Values.

Boys Need the HPV Vaccine Too! The HPV Vaccine is Smart and Safe for Everyone!

Do you know who gives HPV to most women and girls? The answer is men and boys! Make sure your boy has started his HPV vaccine regime by age 12 at the latest and completes the series of three shots.

Birth Control and Boys

Most of our teens are not having sex, and the vast majority of those who are sexually active are taking steps to protect their health and prevent pregnancy. Buried in the “good news,” though, is an extremely disturbing nugget of information: 18% of the boys surveyed said they would be a “little pleased” or “very pleased” if their sexual encounters resulted in a pregnancy.