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Welcome to the "Let’s Talk About" blog page. Below you will find links to full blog posts written by parents and other experts in the field of family communication about sex.

Let's Go Vote!

It’s National Voter Education Week, and we want to make sure you are ready to vote! Make a plan to vote and use it as an opportunity to talk to your family about the importance of voting, your values, and what is on the ballot.

Get #VoteReady

Inicia la conversación mientras estamos en casa

Con todo el país bajo órdenes de quedarse en casa, los padres de familia y los proveedores de cuidado han tenido que complementar y apoyar el aprendizaje a distancia mientras las escuelas están cerradas. Utilice este tiempo en casa para iniciar una conversación con sus hijos. El coronavirus puede ser un buen punto de partida para hablar con sus hijos sobre los gérmenes, las enfermedades, y como proteger su salud – y la salud de los demás.

Starting the Conversation While at Home

With Stay At Home orders in place throughout the nation, parents and caregivers have had to supplement and support distance learning while schools are closed. Use this time at home to start a conversation with your child. COVID-19 can be a great jumping off point to talk with your kids about germs, diseases, and ways to protect their health – and the health of others. Talk With Your Kids (TWYK) has you covered with messages and activities you can do at home or by zoom with the kids in your life, and relate them back to our current situation.

TÚ CUENTAS: Por qué importa el censo en el año 2020

Es hora de completar el Censo!  Cada 10 años, el censo nacional cuenta todas las personas en los Estados Unidos. Como padre o cuidador, es importante asegurarse de que cada miembro de su hogar sea contado porque mucho depende de éstos números. Aquí hay una breve descripción de lo que está en juego y por qué el censo de 2020 importa. El cuestionario del Censo 2020 estara disponible para completar en línea el 12 de Marzo en

YOU COUNT: Why the Census in 2020 Matters

It’s time to fill out the Census! Every 10 years, the national Census takes place to count all the people in the United States. As a parent or caregiver, it is important to make sure that every member of your family gets counted because a lot rides on these numbers. Here’s a brief description of what’s at stake and why the 2020 census matters.

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Advice from a Young Person on How to Talk to your Kids About Birth Control

By Olivia Sessions

Editor’s note: Sometimes, it’s all about perspectives. Essential Access intern, Olivia, offers her advice, as a young person, about how to effectively talk to your kids about birth control.

Boys And Body Image - A Growing Problem

By Helen Young

We tend to think about trouble with body image, and all of the psychological issues that come with it, as a girls' problem. It’s true that the majority of eating disorders and body image problems impact girls, but more and more boys are experiencing pressure to have a certain kind of body. As a result, boys are increasingly experiencing body-related anxiety.

Talking With Your Kids: How to "Re-Do" a Conversation Gone Wrong

Have you ever had a conversation with your child and wish you could have a "Re-do"? You can! Here’s how.

5 Things All Parents Should Know About Porn

Today, access to porn is simple—whether or not you seek it out. What is difficult is determining what kids need to know about porn, even before they are exposed to it. How do we communicate to children that pornography is not “real sex”?

Help Your Teen Be Prepared for the "First Time"

October is Let’s Talk Month,, so let’s get real. Let’s face it, there will be a first time. I know, I know! You don’t want to think about your child having sex, but it’s going to happen someday, and wouldn’t it be great if it happened well?