Build Trust

Building Your Child's Trust in You

Our children need to know that they can count on us to give them the right information about sex and growing up. When you listen to your children and answer their questions honestly, you show them that you can be trusted. These tips can help:

Listen to your children and answer their questions honestly.

When you pay attention to your children’s questions and take the time to answer them honestly, children learn that you are someone they can go to when they need information and support.

Don’t worry about having all the answers.

If your child asks you something you don’t know, it’s OK to say: “That’s such a great question, but I don’t know the answer. Let’s go look it up.”

Make time to talk.

Sometimes kids ask questions when we don’t have time to listen and talk. If this happens, be sure to acknowledge their question and make time to talk about it later.

Most of all, respect your children’s feelings.

Your children learn about respecting other people’s viewpoints and opinions from you. Role model respect by letting your children know that you want to know how they are feeling and that no matter how they feel, they should feel comfortable sharing their thoughts with you.


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