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Sharing Your Family's Values

It’s important to talk about what your family believes and why. If you and your children talk about your family values, your children will think about them when they make choices in life.

Be clear about what you expect from children.

Instead of saying, “Be responsible,” say something like “We think that waiting to have sex, at least until you’re out of school, is the best idea. What do you think? If you do choose to be sexually active, it’s important that you have the information and tools to be safe and make healthy decisions.”

Play the "what if?" game.

Ask your child what he or she would do “if” and talk about what it would be like to face that circumstance. This helps them come up with ideas for how to handle and/or prevent certain situations. It helps to think things through beforehand.

Don't overreact.

If your child does something you don't approve of, speak calmly and explain why you feel the way you do. They will be able to receive what you’re saying and will be more open to making changes if they don’t feel attacked, and if you provide alternatives and support.


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