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Welcome to the "Let’s Talk About" blog page. Below you will find links to full blog posts written by parents and other experts in the field of family communication about sex.

6 Books About Sex for Toddler to Teen

Sex Ed books for kids can help provide answers to their questions and prompt further discussion with parents and caregivers. As a parent, they've helped me develop child-friendly language so that I can talk to my own kid about sex without totally going over his head.

The Sexting Revolution

For years and probably centuries, teens have been exploring their sexuality. In the 21st century, teens use social media and Smartphone’s to satisfy their curiosity. Healthy sexual development is one thing, but sexting, or the sending or receiving of sexually explicit or sexually suggestive images, messages or video, via a cell phone or the Internet, can expose our kids to some very unnatural consequences.

How to Reduce Unintended Teenage Pregnancies

As a pediatrician with a focus on adolescent medicine, my goal in life is to make sure that all teens have access to comprehensive sexuality education and confidential reproductive health care.